The Science

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In the interests of scientific debate and balance, we endeavour to engage with the controversy surrounding the placebo effects and we therefore include links to relevant papers/articles below. But it is worth noting that these articles do not refer to the conditioned neuroimmune response, but rather more to anticipated placebo effects. It is generally considered that anticipated effects may have up to a 30% response rate, whilst conditioned neuroimmune effects can have a 70-90% response rate. With this in mind, the reader should be wary of grouping these two different mechanisms and responses together under a single category of ‘the placebo effect’.


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For the purposes of balance and to allow you to make you own decisions, I have included works from the opposing side of the argument. 

Barrowman, Nick. ‘The Myth of the Placebo Effect’ (2016, The New Atlantis; Winter p.46-59)

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