A real game-changer

Researchers at Harvard and Basel University have proven that the placebo can still work when you know you're taking it! This research has great implications for improving informed consent in treatment plans involving the placebo effect. You can read a great summary of the research on The Independent.

Top 5 TED talks on the placebo effect

Our summary of the Top 5 TED Talks on the Placebo Effect - a great way to introduce and explore the subject.  Harnessing the Power of Placebos Alia Crum   Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves?  Lissa Rankin   TEDMED2014 Ted Kaptchuk   The Power of the Placebo Effect Emma … Continue reading Top 5 TED talks on the placebo effect

The essay that started it all

On a rainy February day, I received an e-mail from my university about the St Gallen Wings of Excellence Award. This award, gave you the opportunity to win an all expenses paid trip to the St Gallen Symposium and all you had to do was write an essay on the theme of Breaking the Status Quo: Your Disruptive … Continue reading The essay that started it all

Here’s what placebos can heal – and what they can’t…

Prompted by Erik Vance's book, "Suggestible You", here's a great feature from National Geographic 

Brain surgery and the placebo effect

National Geographic, did an amazing feature on the placebo effect in brain surgery. Watch their video here.  

The man who inspired Yekize…

A great interview from SmartDrugSmarts with Fabrizio Benedetti Interview begins at 9.09 Learn about neuroimmune conditioning / the conditioned placebo response at 19.30