Opportunity = Responsibility

I have never been one to turn down opportunities. In fact, I’ve sometimes taken on so many different things that I’ve had too much to do in too little time. But as I’ve got older, I’ve got better at time management, so I’m slightly more selective about my projects. But I firmly believe, that if you are given the opportunity to make a change/improvement you have the responsibility to try. This applies to everything from personal-development to careers and starting your own business.

When I was invited to the St Gallen Symposium to explore my idea to use neuroimmune conditioning to improve access to medicine, I received an opportunity. This was an opportunity to develop my idea and to get some feedback from a wide range of great minds. My idea was so popular that it took me right up to the final of the Marketplace for Ideas where I had to sell my idea to a panel in front of a huge audience. As someone with a morbid fear of public speaking this was far from easy, but I had been given the opportunity and I felt responsible to try. I ended up being listed as one of top three (we were otherwise unranked) in that competition and this, along with everyone’s positive feedback, gave me the courage to take things further and so Yekize was born.

Since then, I am slowly building Yekize, and I have been searching for further opportunities: Step 1 – Secure Funding. I have submitted applications to several funding bodies and I’ve applied for start-up schools and anything that I think could help Yekize reach its potential. Even just applying for these things gives you access to great minds with great ideas. I’ve recently decided to explore ways of commercialising Yekize to support the research and implementation in developing countries. Perhaps neuroimmune conditioning will find applications in addiction recovery, space medicine or antibiotic resistance. I don’t know where Yekize will end up, but I know that I have been given opportunities and therefore I now have the responsibility to make sure I make the most of Yekize to reach its full potential.

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